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​The material contained on this page is informative only. Authoritative compliance information is contained in the applicable Bluetooth specification .


Name: Running Speed and Cadence

Type: org.bluetooth.profile.running_speed_and_cadenceDownload / View


This profile enables a Collector device to connect and interact with a Runners Speed and Cadence Sensor for use in sports and fitness applications.


The Running Speed and Cadence Profile is used to enable a data collection device to obtain data from a Runners Speed and Cadence Sensor (RSC Sensor) that exposes the Speed and Cadence Service.

Role: RSC Sensor

Service Declaration Requirement Additional Information
org.bluetooth.service.running_speed_and_cadence PrimarySingleInstance Mandatory None
org.bluetooth.service.device_information Primary Optional
Characteristic Overrides
Type Requirement
org.bluetooth.characteristic.manufacturer_name_string Optional
org.bluetooth.characteristic.model_number_string Optional

Role: Collector

Service Requirement
org.bluetooth.service.running_speed_and_cadence Mandatory
org.bluetooth.service.device_information Optional
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