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Name: Proximity

Type: org.bluetooth.profile.proximityDownload / View


The Proximity profile enables proximity monitoring between two devices.


The Proximity profile defines the behavior when a device moves away from a peer device so that the connection is dropped or the path loss increases above a preset level, causing an immediate alert. This alert can be used to notify the user that the devices have become separated. As a consequence of this alert, a device may take further action, for example to lock one of the devices so that it is no longer usable.

The Proximity profile can also be used to define the behavior when the two devices come closer together such that a connection is made or the path loss decreases below a preset level.

Role: Proximity Reporter

Service Declaration Requirement Additional Information
org.bluetooth.service.link_loss Primary Mandatory None
org.bluetooth.service.immediate_alert Primary Optional None
org.bluetooth.service.tx_power Primary Optional None

Role: Proximity Monitor

Service Requirement
org.bluetooth.service.link_loss Mandatory
org.bluetooth.service.immediate_alert Mandatory
org.bluetooth.service.tx_power Mandatory
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