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GATT Specifications

Below you can find a table with the Bluetooth profiles and services based on the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT). The profile describes a use case, roles and general behaviors based on the GATT functionality. Services are collections of characteristics and relationships to other services that encapsulate the behavior of part of a device. This also includes hierarchy of services, characteristics and attributes used in the attribute server. By following the guidance provided by the Bluetooth specification, developers can create applications to work with other Bluetooth devices.

GATT-Based Specifications (Qualifiable) Overview Page Adopted Versions (Download PDF)
Alert Notification Profile ANP 1.0 Download
Alert Notification Service ANS 1.0 Download
Current Time Service CTS 1.0 Download
Device Information Service DIS 1.0 Download
Find Me Profile FMP 1.0 Download
Health Thermometer Profile HTP 1.0 Download
Health Thermometer Service HTS 1.0 Download
Heart Rate Profile HRP 1.0 Download
Heart Rate Service HRS 1.0 Download
Immediate Alert Service IAS 1.0 Download
Link Loss Service LLS 1.0 Download
Next DST Change Service NDCS 1.0 Download
Phone Alert Status Profile PASP 1.0 Download
Phone Alert Status Service PASS 1.0 Download
Proximity Profile PXP 1.0 Download
Reference Time Update Service RTUS 1.0 Download
Time Profile TIP 1.0 Download
Tx Power Service TPS 1.0 Download
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