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IrDA Interoperability (IrDA)

In Bluetooth technology, OBEX offers the same features for applications as within the IrDA protocol hierarchy, enabling the applications to work over the Bluetooth protocol stack as well as the IrDA stack.

Part of Bluetooth Protocol HierarchyUsage Scenarios

The goal of this protocol is to enable the development of application programs that function over both short-range RF and IR media. Each media type has its advantages and disadvantages but the goal is for applications to work over both. Rather than fragment the application domain, this document defines the intersection point where Bluetooth technology and IrDA applications may converge. That intersection point is IrOBEX.

Getting technical

In the Bluetooth system, the purpose of the OBEX protocol is to enable the exchange of data objects. The typical example could be an object push of business cards to someone else. A more complex example is synchronizing calendars on multiple devices using OBEX. Also, the File Transfer applications can be implemented using OBEX. For the Object Push and Synchronization applications, content formats can be the vCard, vCalendar, vMessage, and vNotes formats. The vCard, vCalendar, vMessage, and vNotes describe the formats for electronic business cards, electronic calendars and scheduling, electronic messages and mail, and electronic notes, respectively.

For even greater detail, access this in-depth PDF: IrDA Interoperability Protocol Specification.

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