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Don't Miss the Bluetooth Innovation Series

This training series gives developers a springboard to creating their Bluetooth Smart applications, products and accessories for hot trends like wearables, beacons, proximity and home automation.

Read the blog to find out more and register for trainings in San Jose, CA, London, UK or Beijing, China.

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Innovation Series Training

Choose Bluetooth Technology

Have a great idea for a wireless device or app? Consider using Bluetooth® technology.

Many features of the Bluetooth Core Specification are optional, allowing product differentiation. Learn more about Bluetooth vocabulary.


Connect with other developers to ask questions, learn more about Bluetooth technology and get help and answers in our developer forum.

Design with Bluetooth Technology

Learn more about the current Bluetooth specifications and profiles to help you make intelligent design decisions.

Profiles are high-level definitions about services used to enable an application or use case. View and download all adopted specifications and available profiles.

The Definition Browser makes it easy to view the structure of definitions used in GATT profiles, services and characteristics.


Develop with Bluetooth Technology

Build innovative appcessories with Bluetooth technology.

Get started

It's easy to get started with Bluetooth technology. It supports many different development platforms - get started today!

Choose platform

Find development platforms to create Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart compatible solutions.

The Application Accelerator helps developers create applications for Bluetooth Smart devices while our other tools help in product development, testing and qualification.

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