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Please review the end user licensing agreement. After clicking “Submit” in the form you’ll receive an e-mail link to the application accelerator.

Develop Apps for Bluetooth Smart Technology

Bluetooth® Smart offers countless products that can link to apps -- Fitness trackers, smart watches, door locks, glucose monitors & more. It's easier than ever to let your imagination run wild and create apps for the next killer Bluetooth Smart ‘appcessory’ (accessory + application).

Get the Application Accelerator Now

The Bluetooth application accelerator provides the source code you need to quickly develop Bluetooth Smart apps that work on tablets, smartphones, or PCs across Android 4.3, Blackberry 10, iOS, OSX and Windows 8 OS platforms. Geared toward third-party app developers, this new tool saves time and resources opening a world of opportunities in sports and fitness, medical, smart home and consumer electronics. Capture the imagination of consumers worldwide creating applications for Bluetooth Smart appcessories.  ​

Bluetooth Smart Technology — Creating Enormous Market Potential

  • Bluetooth Smart enabled appcessories are projected to experience massive growth—220 million units this year to nearly 1 billion per year by 2016 (ABI Research)
  • Bluetooth technology connects virtually anything. There are billions of devices already in the world (and growing!), creating endless development possibilities
  • Virtually limitless market for application developers with Bluetooth Smart - an open platform, global standard and ubiquitous device ecosystem

Bluetooth Smart isn’t just a wireless protocol, it’s a developer’s platform. It offers low power, low cost, a smaller footprint and hig​h security. Unleash your imagination to do amazing things.

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