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Your Life Just Got Simpler

Developing for Bluetooth® technology is now easier than ever on iOS. Apple recently announced expanded support of Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready by natively supporting more than 15 GATT profiles in the release of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Apple’s extended integration of Bluetooth technology into its operating systems gives Apple developers and appcessory OEMs a head start on developing and building products that take advantage of the ultra-low power efficiency of Bluetooth Smart.

It Gets Better

To make it easier to create iOS apps with Bluetooth Smart technology, the Bluetooth SIG has developed the Application Accelerator. This tool cuts time-to-market and saves valuable resources by providing everything you need to quickly build Bluetooth application for iOS.
Bluetooth isn’t just a wireless protocol, it’s a developer’s platform. It offers low power, low cost, a smaller footprint and high security. It isn’t the same-old Bluetooth technology anymore. It’s transparent, straightforward and easy to use—unleash your creativity to do amazing things.
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Bluetooth Technology + iOS - Getting to Market Faster

  • The Bluetooth Special Interest Group offers trusted third-party expertise and all the resources needed to get developers up and running faster
  • Application Accelerator for Apple — a new tool from the Bluetooth SIG which cuts time-to-market and saves valuable resources by giving you everything you need to build a Bluetooth application for Apple

Bluetooth Technology + iOS—Creating Enormous Market Potential

  • Bluetooth enabled appcessories are projected to experience massive growth—220 million units this year to nearly 1 billion per year by 2016 (ABI Research)
  • Bluetooth technology connects virtually anything. There are billions of devices already in the world (and growing), creating endless development possibilities
  • Virtually limitless market for application developers with Bluetooth technology as an open platform, global standard and ubiquitous device ecosystem
  • All major operating systems, including Android, now support Bluetooth Smart Ready technology so you can easily expand your market

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