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​​Bluetooth Quick Start Kit

The introduction of Bluetooth Smart Technology enables exciting new possibilities for developers in a wide range of markets including sports & fitness, health, consumer electronics and more.

We've created the Quick Start Kit to help developers take advantage of this explosive opportunity. Ideal for developers who are new to Bluetooth Smart Technology, this simple to use introductory kit is designed to help speed up the development process, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.

Contents of the Kit

  • Bluetooth Smart Fundamental Concepts
    • Data (custom & adopted profiles)
    • Bluetooth Smart Architecture
    • Air Interface Frame Structure
    • GATT & GAP
  • Custom Profile – 'Hello Bluetooth' Example
  • Source Code – Implementing 'Hello Bluetooth' on:
    • TI CC2540
    • Nordic nRF8001
    • CSR uEnergy​
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows 8 custom profile
  • Air Interface Traces – captured for the 'Hello Bluetooth' profile using:
    • Ellisys Sniffer
    • Frontline Sniffer
  • GATT Schema Documentation & Tutorial

Hardware requirements

  • The Quick Start Kit does not include hardware.

If you're developing a Bluetooth device, you'll need:

If you're developing an application to run on a Bluetooth Smart Ready device, you'll need:

How to Use the Kit

  1. Explore and review the technology fundamentals documents
  2. Set up a development environment
  3. Get the necessary hardware
  4. Review the 'Hello Bluetooth' example
  5. Run the sample code
  6. Now you're ready to develop your own applications for Bluetooth devices!

For more information

In addition to the Quick Start Kit, the Bluetooth Developer Portal has a wealth of resources for you to leverage when developing applications and devices enabled with Bluetooth Smart Technology. Take advantage of these tools designed to help speed time to market:


CSRellisysFrontlineNordic SemiconductorTexas Instruments 

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