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​New Bluetooth Smart Tool From PunchThroughDesign

LightBlue allows you to test and simulate Bluetooth® Smart (low energy) devices. Testing ​​devices is done in central mode, where you can scan and connect to any nearby device. Simulating devices sets the iOS device int​o peripheral mode, where you can emulate a device.

LightBlue is available for iOS + Mac. The iOS7 version features many new features and a new layout. LightBlue was created to help our clients test their products. We are a wireless product development firm specializing in connected devices. We love building hardware, firmware, iOS + Android Software.

Central Mode

  • Connect to any nearby device
  • View it’s characteristics and services
  • Read/Write/Notify/Indicate supported
  • Full logging, export to CSV for other scripting

​Peripheral Mode

  • Test out a new profile, or use our pre-loaded profiles
  • Full list of BT SIG + iOS compliant profiles
  • Test your software without needing the actual hardware ​​peripheral
  • Full logging, export to CSV for other scripting.

New in iOS7 LightBlue

  • iBeacons supported
  • Max packet size now larger than 20 bytes
  • Better background operation
  • Improved logging

Find LightBlue on the iOS App Store , or the Mac App Store .

Read more about Punch Through here: ​http://punchthrough.com/ 

Find our Blog here: http://punchthrough.com/ 

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PunchThrough 


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